Affiliate / Blogger Program Questions & Queries

Affiliate/Blogger Program Questions & Queries

How do I guarantee that I will receive my commission?
The Beautyware Affiliate/Blogger Program counts all clicks, impressions, and transactions that took place through your website. This fact guarantees that you will receive the right data and commission.

As soon as a visitor comes to via your website, the click will be logged by Beautyware's affiliate network and will be listed with your affiliate ID. If the visitor makes an order, you will see it later in your reports on your AFFILIATE profile.


What if I bring you a guest and he then makes a reservation?
And in this case you earn a commission. Every visitor who comes to from your website receives a 30 day cookie. This means that there is a 30 day reservation margin for visitors coming through your website, and with the help of the cookie, we know if the visitor comes from your own website and you are not losing commission.


What kind of promotional material is available to me?
You have the opportunity to integrate various promotional materials. From simple text, banner to Products for Post on Facebook!


Should I Pay to Join Beautyware Affiliate / Blogger Program?
No, there is no cost to join the Beautyware Affiliate Program. You can simply sign up and earn commissions from orders made by your audience (Traffic).


What percentage of commission do you give me for each order made by my visitors?
We will pay you a 15% commission on all products purchased for each complete and verified order made by your visitors.


How do I know how much I've earned?
Through your affiliate management in Beautyware, you can access reports that provide information based on purchases made by your audience and commissions you earn. Reports are upgraded daily.


Do I earn commission from cancellations?
No. If the user cancels the transaction or the credit card is not charged because it is invalid or due to an unlawful credit card, your account will be charged for every commission you have earned for that transaction.


How can I track my sales?
You can track your sales through your reports on our website,  "CONNECT" to your account and going to "AFFILIATES" from the Menu as often as you like.


Who deals with transactions and manages customer service?
Our company processes transactions and manages customer service for all users you bring to our site. All you have to do is place our links and banners on your website. We do the rest!

How do I know that users come from my own site?
All links on your website contain a unique identification number so that whenever a user comes to us through your website, "Affiliate/Blogger Program" recognizes that it comes from you every time an order is made. However, this is only possible when you place the banners you will find on Beautyware by "CONNECTING" your account and going to the "AFFILIATES" option in the Menu.


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